Thai AirAsia’s Q4 profit falls by 40% – Last year’s fourth-quarter net profit of Thai AirAsia (TTA) dropped by 40% YoY to Bt425mn due to aircraft deprecation costs and higher spending to counter the market downturn caused by the civil unrest in Bangkok. This came despite a 16% increase in revenue to Bt6.50bn and an 81% load factor that was almost stable from 82% previously. Meanwhile, Asia Aviation Plc (AAV) posted a 24.4% increase in net profit in 2013 to Bt1.04bn. AAV has a 55% shareholding in TAA. (Bangkok Post, 28/02/14)

Comment: Once protests are over, how fast would the recovery be?


CHO expects 15% revenue growth in 2014, supported by its Bt600mn backlog that is expected to be booked entirely this year. The board has also authorized a dividend of Bt0.015/share. It is also in the process of negotiating with 3-4 logistics clients to help support revenue growth in the future. (Khao Hoon, 28/02/14)


CK net profit leaps 1,213% – Ch. Karnchang Plc (CK), Thailand’s biggest contractor by market value, posted a record net profit of Bt7.67bn baht last year, thanks to a substantial increase in construction work and profit from investment in listed companies. Mr. Plew, chief executive and executive board chairman, said the company aims for more than Bt30bn in construction revenue this year, with a gross profit of 8-10%. (Bangkok Post, 28/02/14)

Comment: Value in its holdings are deteriorated by its poor margins on the construction side


CPALL partners with Kasikorn Bank to transfer money through ATMs with cash available to pick up at any 7-11 Store nationwide. It says the population withdraws up to Bt7trn from ATMs per year. CPALL expects fees to help lift 2014 revenue. (Khao Hoon, 28/02/14)


RS targets big growth in revenue – The SET-listed RS Plc, Thailand’s second-largest entertainment company, expects revenue growth of 45% to Bt5bn this year after recording the highest revenue and profit in its 30-year history. (Bangkok Post, 28/02/14)

Comment: Just incredibly #’s out of this firm


SC announced 2013 net profit of Bt1.08bn with revenue of Bt10.09bn, a 20% increase YoY. It will pay a cash dividend of Bt0.12/share. SC also said there is Bt12bn worth of units ready for transfer during 2014-2016. (Khao Hoon, 28/02/14)

Comment: One of the “shinawatra” stocks that were hurt, regardless it didn’t have the yield nor the pre-sales to support 2014 numbers yet


SPCG reports startup of two more solar projects, bringing operating projects to 25 and capacity to 167.01MW. It expects eight more solar farms to start operating in 1Q14. (Khao Hoon, 28/02/14)

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