AAV adds new route to tap Vietnam market, offers 5 destinations in 7 routes including Chiang Mai-Da Nang.

COM7 upbeats 1Q mobile market from new launch of Huawei and Samsung phones, expects to book contribution from recently acquired Kingkong phone Bt300m/quarter, will add more house brand products and new gadgets brands to boost sales and margins.

Comment: The whole market seems to be surprised by their ability to grow in the 4Q18

HARN sees record high profit this year >Bt1.5b from recognition of Bt500m backlog and demand for engineering projects (cooling, ventilation & fire extinguish) from industrial segment in EEC area, mulls to expand warehouse to boost recurring income.

KTB sets aside Bt19b to invest in digital system development in an attempt to cut costs within 5 years, target 5% loan growth this year.

SONIC in talks with 4-6 potential partners, hoping to secure 2-3 soon, firms on 20% revenue growth from 3 business segments.

TBSP’s firm on 25% revenue growth target to Bt1.3b, after securing 60-65% backlog, in talk for another 2 projects which should boost backlog to 75%.

THCOM plans to partner with CAT Telecom to promote the industry and reduce the public perception it still has political links to its founder Thaksin Shinawatra.

Comment: Even though he’s sold his stake over a decade ago, its still incredible that this perception still exists.

TKS sets 14% revenue growth target this year, on strong 1Q from ballot printings and Bt600m backlog, eyes E-tax invoice project.

UV expects to book Bt7.759b gains from divestment of entire holding in GOLD to FPT tender offer at Bt8.5 apiece.

Comment: And wouldn’t it be good for FPT to also take UV as well?

WHA to add 250k sq.m warehouse to boost recurring income, will sell Bt5.75b assets into REIT, firms on 570mw cod target this year, eyes 640 acres IE land sales by end of year, pays Bt0.0833 dps XD May9.

Comment: The EEC dream hasn’t materalised for years and yet both AMATA and WHA are still trading at high valuations.

XO expects big jump this year from larger exports sales abroad after secured distribution contract with AU partner, will expand sauce prod line to capture larger mkt and boost margins, will attend 15 trade fairs this year to penetrate foreign market.

Comment: I think there’s a lot of room for the business to grow

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