GULF teams up partner to develop 1k mw hydro powerplants in Laos, seeks to expand investment in Vietnam and OMAN, eyes 50% revenue growth from additional capacity this year from 4pp in Thai and 2 in Vietnam, firms on Bt33b revenue target.

TMB’s entered into a non-binding MoU to consolidate with TBank thru an entire business transfer with an estimated transaction value of Bt130-140b.

Comment: And It’s being pushed through expect for this to take 12 months. What will be interesting is to see what happens with the businesses that are not included in this merger, namely the leasing businesses.

TVD board scrapped planned Bt1.08b takeover of Spring News Channel 19.

Comment: A decent move by the board, a lot of questions still remain regarding the viability of TV channels in Thailand since the digital TV move.

VGI to open Lawson kiosk on BTS stations and along the routes, target 700 outlets by end of year.

Comment: They own the real estate above the streets, its proving to be valuable

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