AAV issues bond via crowdfunding, at 6.75% p.a., min Bt50K, with special promotion offering return tickets on domestic routes for Bt100K subscription.

Comment: Does this demonstrate an inability to raise capital for AAV or simply they are offer to their customer base a potential good deal?

DOHOME records 30% growth in 9M21 sales, on double digit SSSG, confident of overall growth this year, to propose board for dividend payment, on strong cashflows.

Comment: I have been astounded by this.

ERW sees improved OCC at Hop Inn budget hotels, expects momentum 4Q from easing curbs & holiday season.

Comment: These hotels are clean/cheap should continue to do well with the domestic travelers.

SUPER to gradually COD 80MW windfarm projects in Vietnam in October, boosting this year revenue to Bt9.2b, sets 1,995MW overall capacity target by 2023 and Bt13.6b revenue.

TNP anticipates strong grocery sales momentum 4Q from another boost from shopping subsidies & rebate stimulus, improved SSSG from easing travel restriction & holiday season, potential upside from upcoming shopping tax rebate stimulus, will add 2 stores in 4Q.

XO begins hemp sauce exports in September, expects wider margins 4Q after new products, raw material price locked till end of FY22, improved economy of scale from higher capacity utilization, firms on 10-15% revenue growth target, margins 40%, all time high profit this year.

Comment: Commence banging my head against the wall, they continue to do what they planned, and better than expected.

  1. @ XO/head banging: Methinks that among people playing the stock market head banging (at least figuratively) is a very common phenomenon (been there, done this)!


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