AirAsia has announced the merger of AirAsia and AirAsia X, making SEA a multi-hub for aviation while targeting TH as its hub for flights to Europe.

Comment: Doesn’t appear to have a real impact on the thai listed entity.

HL said its 50 drug stores are in Easy E-Receipt program, sees rising 1Q24 revenue growth to double digit, mulls 4 new stores in 1Q and 20 total this year.

Comment: Well, shouldn’t be that much of an impact but let’s see, I’ve been waiting to see the share price get cheaper, the market has definitely helped.

MINT may get Bt4-5b from warrant exercises mid-Feb, sees no impact from bond mkt, as it’s in the hospitality industry, backed by 19 financial institution.

Comment: Well……… are they REALLY backed by 19 institutions? If Bangkok Bank says “nah we want the loans back, no more rolling over” then Central Group can swoop in & say  “arigato”

SISB sees rising admission to boost revenue growth to 30% this year, effective cost control and management to keep avg GPM at >30%.

Comment: Forbes cover top done. But let’s see….they are a YUGE beneficiary from the # of Chinese leaving the country and escaping to Thailand.

TEGH sets 20% sales growth target this year, on >Bt55/kg rubber price, on demands from China, India and Europe, as well as EVs segment, while palm oil biz expands with alt energy biz, mulls feasibility in SAF.

Comment: Looks interesting…but I have zero information about this group.

Finance Ministry said virtual banking criteria to be clearer this week, with 3 licenses in 1st phase this yr. KTB + ADVANC, SCB + Kakao Bank, and JMART + KB, are among those expressing interests.

Comment: If the BOT really gives it to another bank JV entity then this virtual banking is a %^$&ing joke and it’s just meant to crowd out any real competition.

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