AAV seeks to boost revenue from air cargo, digi travel and loyalty program to balance revenue mixed and utilize, will tighten up cost saving to boost margins.

Comment: I wonder how long until Thai Airways recaps…

HUMAN sees stronger 2H19, sets Bt50m capex for 2-3 JV in HR related venture by end of year.

Comment: The problem for these domestic IT/software players is that they are inherently capped by the market size in Thailand and do not really have an edge to go anywhere else in the region/world.

JASIF sees yield next year rising to 11.5% on Bt80 assets, sees success in fund raising November 7-13 subscription period, secures Bt18b from BBL.

PLANB pays Bt1.553b for 19.96% stake in MACO new share.

Comment: BTS => VGI => PLANB => MACO, and BTS => MACO

SIRI’s confident transfers this year would meet Bt32b target, to launch promo on government prop stimulus offering 17 projects of units worth <Bt3m each.

Comment: Markets aren’t believing this.

SGF sees solid 4Q earnings supporting by surged demand for credit on spending season, will add campaign to boost loans focus on auto loan and vehicle hire purchase to reduce risk of NPL, in talk partner to expand debt management and collection service business, finalize plan next year.

TK opens 1st branch in Myanmar, target 3 within next year, offering micro finance at 28% p.a.

TFG expects China authority to raise poultry exports quota in November aft plants inspection earlier this year, upbeat 2H earnings from higher exports volume yoy & improved margins as feed-mill cost drops.

Comment: Given the surge in pork prices in China, is chicken the replacement play?

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