ABM: AGE raised holding by 0.2802% to 5.24% on Mar 28.

Comment: Why is AGE buying into a loss-making, above BV bio mass co?

AOT: Coral Finest Business Class Lounge (Cocoon), International Concourse C, SIA received Pioneer of the Year award from Priority Pass for unique & innovative services, Miracle Lounge Domestic Concourse D, SIA awards all star of the year for stand-out-lounges.

Comment: And …. so? this is a Investor relations because…? Doesn’t matter, traveller #’s up, rates up, I was flying for 3 weeks straight, Bangkoks’ Airports are buzzing.

APO: palm oil producers & biogas power producer, Asian Palm Oil, debut IPO 100m shares at Bt0.99/share, Asset Pro (APM) leads.

Comment: If you haven’t noticed over the past decade or so, ASSET PRO are the PUMP KINGS

BEM sees 3 days avg MRT ridership (Mar 29-31) at 1,269,502 trips/d thanks to Bkk International Book Fair & TH Tourism Fest at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre.

Comment: Oh – all time post-covid highs?

NEX in talks Chinese partner to expand commercial EV business abroad, expects wider margin after motor & wiring plant completed, will sign 1k EV purchase order by end of 1H, firms on 5,560 FY delivery target.

Comment: Layers of crooks, upon crooks, upon crooks.

TU’s credit rating upgrade to A from A-, stable outlook at Japan Credit Rating (JCR).

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    APO: nice pump today, but a palm oil & biogas producer with a PE of app. 18 (based on the IPO price and their 2023 financial results)?

    seems we are back in high PE land for IPOs. 🙂

    I do know that PE is not all in determining a stock’s value, but still it strikes me as a mite high.

  2. Thanks Pon for all of the work turning over the stones that SET snakes hide under. A pat on the back for me, please 😉 my letter to the BP published y/day ”Message to Despots” got published. . don’t forget to visit me in attitude adjustment camp 🙂
    I think the biggest overhang in market sentiment has to ge the outloook for MFP . I see this this as the final straw. any thoughts? tia.

      • excuse the delay, here you go. quite surprised that it did make it to Postbag. after about a delay of a week, between submission & publication. . actually that link will not work. nor will copy/paste.. date of publication was April 2, 2024: i’ll try to send you a screen capture.

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