BAFS sees 1Q jet refueling vol +17% yoy, expects positive momentum carry thru 2Q supported by travel demand during Songkran holiday.

Comment: And it continues to grow and grow and grow.

BDMS invests in TH healthcare start-up, CARIVA, for AI-driven personalized diagnosis, provides precision healthcare thru AI interpretation of lab tests, genomics and disease diagnosis, to deliver precise results in record time, aiding medical decision-making processes for healthcare professionals thru Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS).

Comment: Well…yes this makes sense. BDMS needs to continue going up the “value” chain, but they are facing competition in the provinces, just have a look at WPH and RPH as evidence. Local hospital groups that will provide just as good, if not better service than BDMS, at prices that are 20-40% cheaper.

INETREIT: name changed to INET Freehold & Leasehold REIT, ticker remains unchanged, effective tomorrow (Apr 4).

JR wins solar installation project from STEC valued at Bt102.4m.

KCC: ticker changed to KCCAMC, company’s name remains the same, effective today.

Comment: Why? I haven’t gone through their sub’s but could there be plans to list another entity?

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