ABM target FY20 exports sales +30% yoy, thanks to strong demand for biomass fuels, target full year no less than 50k tons, new RDF fuel plant 2k tons capacity p.a. to cod in 4Q.

BAFS expects full year jet fuel sales volume -60% yoy, in talk to buy 30mw solar farm to diversify risk, finalize deal in November.

BROOK divest 74% holding in YLP for Bt279.61m, will book Bt23.37m gains in 3Q.

EA sees higher power gen capacity 3Q from windfarm high season, recovery B100 posted lockdown to boost 2H earnings, will start to realize revenue from 3 new business units (EV, Energy storage, bio-PCM) in 4Q, target 30% revenue growth next year.

Comment: I still have q marks over the success of their EV strategy.

GULF sees 50% revenue growth next year on COD of new IPP and full year revenue recognition of wind powerplants in Germany, expects Bt32b from fresh cash call for further investment over next 4-5 years.

Comment: But they are buying INTUCH and apparently have ~10% now.

ICN anticipates solid 2H turnaround from Bt2b backlog pending to realize, plans to bid for 5G network, fiber projects and government telco infra total Bt1.5b for remaining of year, firms on ATH revenue target above Bt1.4b +20% yoy.

MEGA sees 2H growth on seasonal and growth in 2 supplementary products, Mega We Care and Maxxcare, on track to meet 5-10% revenue growth target this year.

Comment: If they can mimic their Thailand performance in VN and ID….a question is will the trend to consuming their products continue? That it becomes a permanent portion of monthly household spending? 

MTC’s profit may grow >20% this year to Bt5.1b on continued growth in lending, Tabloid.

Comment: They could grow +50% this year if they wanted to. Demand is massive still. 

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