ACC: purges entire holding in Saraburi Solar (SSL) to PM Energy for Bt 272.1m (2.76m shares @ Bt 98.6), transaction is expected to complete within June.

ADVANC may acquire Triple T Broadband (TTTBB) to boost its internet broadband biz and level up with TRUE who is in process of merger with DTAC. TRUE has 4.7m subs, TTTBB and ADVANC have 2.4m and 1.9m respectively, wrote Bualuang Sec.

Comment: AIS Fibre, imo, provides the best quality connection their sales and execution is absolutely $hit, if they bring in the quality of the team from 3bb then this makes sense, naturally on top of the infrastructure and value add.

ASIAN’s pet food unit, Asian Alliance International, target FY22 sales >Bt200m, plans to marketing its premium brand (Monchou) abroad, expand sales channel via online vendors (Shoppee, Lazada), pets shop, veterinary hospital & modern trade to boost awareness, increase market share.

Comment: And they just keep going and going

BEM : cabinet approved fair hike for MRT Blue line by Bt1, new bracket from Bt17- 43/trip, for 2 years starting from July 3.

HMPRO reaffirms solid 2Q from home appliances sales during summer season, will add 1 HomePro & 5 Mega Home stores in 2H, expects momentum carry thru 3Q from positive SSSG, improved products mix & inventory management, bargaining power against suppliers.

PTT-Foxconn will begin construction EV production plant in 3Q, target cod by eo-FY24, mulls tap in smart electronics, semiconductor & upstream EV parts for next phase.

Comment: Thailand needs PTT to do this because it looks like the japanese auto players are not going to use Thailand as an EV hub, and perhaps only keep it as an ICE hub.

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