BDMS, who owns 95.76% in SVH, will tender for the remaining 4.24% at Bt480/share and will delist SVH from SET.

BEM to hold rate for Blue Line at Bt17-42 until end of year, then raise to Bt17-43, sees no impact.

Comment: I have often commented that the MRT in Singapore is cheaper than the subway/skytrains in BKK.

BIOTEC’s 90m new shares from PP sold to Niti Thammajak at Bt 0.6/share tradable tomorrow July 1, previous at Bt1.17.

Comment: Not the same Niti from the Osotospa group….so not sure why this news is important…

JK AMC, a jv between JMT and KBANK, to accept 1st batch of Bt30b distressed asset today, target Bt50b by end of year and Bt100b by 2025, to become #1 in AMC business.

Comment: And this is how Thailand will resolve the NPL/NPA issues.

PF reported Bt7.9b residential sales 1H22, maintaining 7 launch plan total Bt6.12b in 2H, keeps Bt15b full year sales target, will hike price SDH & condo by 5% avg to incorporate with higher costs.

SENA teams up LEO to expand e-commerce warehouse and self storage, aims to diversify from residential property, exploit opportunity from LEO expertise in logistic business.

Comment: She’s making the right moves for her business.

STECH sees stronger 2H, on realizing almost all of Bt1,475m backlog.

UBE expects earnings bottom-out 2Q from 14 days shutdown & fx loss, strong ethanol and flour sales volume, higher selling price yoy to provide cushion.

Comment: Watch for their 2H figures

  1. The big news for me is the acquisition of Capital Nomura by Kungsri Securities. The merger entity could catapult the broker to 15th position. I wonder what would be a second round effect… especially for those that cannot scale up and those currently losing market share.

    Time to negotiate down fees.

    The price does not look cheap but I guess part of the investment can be recouped by selling the license.

    Broking anyone?

    • Krungsri couldn’t figure out anything on their own. I suspect the Japanese got together and decided to help one another out.

  2. The Singapore MRT which I helped build, actually has a higher fare than the BEM/BTS. Both systems charge a distance based fare system. The SIN max fare is B56 compared with BTS max of B44 (proposed B59 to included BMA northern extension). Both systems offer cut price off peak and senior/junior/student travel fares. When the local Netizens and consumer (nay political complain about the proposed B59 for travelling from Samrong to Khu Kot, they are talking nonsense as hardly anyone would travel the whole length of the line. The average traveler only travels a much shorter distance the average fare paid per trip is only B30.

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