ACE pays Bt851m for 3 biomass powerplants with 26.9MW capacity, with immediate revenue recognition of Bt900m p.a., in talks to boost P2P and boost overall biomass powerplants to 12, 112MW overall.

Comment: Decent priced paid.

APCO will launch 2-3 health supplement products before end of year, aiming to capture demand from health conscious consumers, estimate subsidiary, APCO China, to expand healthcare products sales, eyes 5-10% revenue growth this year.

Comment: But this is the company that was selling dodgy products that presumably cured cancer and utilised the MLM business model (at times) 

BBL said FY20 dividend payment will depend on its operations, ready to resume interim payment in future if Bank of Thailand allows.

BCH sees solid 2Q, boosted by covid tests and social security scheme, while relying only 7% from foreign patients, expects momentum into 2H20.

Comment: An executive at THG said, “with schools closed, kids don’t have the flu, and that’s 15% of our business” 

CCP reaffirms solid 2Q from healthy demand for ready-mixed concrete and instant building material due to labor shortage from C19, Bt1.8b backlog ensure earnings visibility, to expand online sales to align with new normal, firms on 10% revenue growth target.

Comment: Given all of the infra plans 

CPF’s unit, CPFTH, to sell A+ rating CD 5 series, open for subscription within August 20.

Comment: Implies that they are desperately looking for capital at any price/form possible.

CRC to open 6 GO! shopping malls in Vietnam and to rebrand 4 BIG-C stores into GO!. CRC has a total of 35 malls under its management in Vietnam, covering 39 provinces with Bt37b in revenue last year. CRC’s convenience store unit, FamilyMart, revamps franchise fee to Bt440k, revenue guaranteed Bt30k/month for the 1st year, offing working cap via banking partner, target 100 new add franchise branches by end of year.

Comment: FamilyMart isn’t a threat to 7-11 in the country, but definitely in certain locations. As for Vietnam, I used to say “Myanmar is the dream, Vietnam is the reality” I still think it holds. 

KTB’s fully provided for THAI’s debt, yet will see drop in 2Q20 earnings.

IVL to invest EUR35m in PET recycling capacity in France, able to turn 2.4b of 1.5 liter bottles a year to 60k tons of PET resins, target cod 1H22.

SIS expects meaningful turnaround 2H from improving SSSG post reopening, positive sales momentum from network & PC products, tailwind from Xiaomi mobile, to expand online sales, 5G devices and IT products leasing for corporate clients.

Comment: SIS and Com7 will benefit from Xiaomi being officially sold in Thailand later this year. 

TPCH upbeats FY20 earnings from additional capacity from 4 bio-mass powerplants cod over course of FY20 to 69mw by end of year from 33.4mw FY19, firms on plan to bid for PPA community waste power & community power combined 700mw, target 250mw PPA on hand by end of FY21.

Comment: I doubt in this management’s ability to actually hit their targets. These plants coming up in 2H20 were delayed for 2 years, they’ve lost projects, granted the majority of the reasons have come from the change in government policies, but other companies have acted much faster. But yes numbers wise, if they hit 250mw in PPA its worth 25-30. (potentially)

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