ACE have CODed 9.9mw Klong Klung biomass PP, boosting capacity to 257.57mw, and adding Bt310m revenue p.a., to start realizing from 4Q21.

BANPU-BPP CODs 20MW solarfarm in Japan, target 6,800mw capacity in 2025

NOBLE plans Bt47b worth of new projects next year, boosting backlog from current Bt10b, sets Bt16.5b revenue target for next year, plans Bt1.5b bond.

Comment: If this is 4 mega projects….I wonder where the capital will come from to 1) develop 2) buyers…

NRF sees strongest quarter in 4Q21, sets 45-55% revenue growth target for next year, Bt2,000m capex for M&A, and another Bt200m to expand sauce factory, on rising demand from Europe. Have just opened 1st Hemp House, target 1,000 and plans listing of GTH in 3 years.

Comment: Well that’s because they’ve missed their 2020 targets due to supply chain issues.

SAMTEL wins Bt520m court case against Land Department, with 7.5% interest p.a.

Comment: A win for the group against the government! Remember the 112 scandal (that SAMTEL really had nothing to do with) 5 years ago. I do…

STGT to expand in Vietnam and Philippines, by setting up a selling units there, as part of ASEAN expansion strategy.

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