BCH said Omicron can be easily spread, but is not as severe as Delta, while can be detected by PCR, firms on 104% revenue growth target next year.

Comment: I find it incredible how everyone has become an expert on the R0 and impact of the Nu Variant (sorry Omicron) since last Friday.

EA’s lithium battery plant with 1 gigawatt capacity will COD on December 12, with delivery to start in January next year.

Comment: Sell on fact coming?

KSL sees 20% growth in revenue next year, thanks to higher sale volume and price, while bio-diesel biz sees recovery in line with energy sector.

LEO sees solid 4Q on high seasonal demand, hoping to wrap up M&A deal by end of year, keeping 40% revenue growth target this year, while its exclusive partnership with China Post will help sustain long term growth as a e-commerce logistic hub for ASEAN.

LOXLEY cuts this year revenue target by 15-20% from Bt13-14b set earlier, hurt by covid. Total of Bt2.48b, out of Bt9.5b backlog, to be realized in 4Q21, the balance over next 2 years.

MJD in deal with Bitkub to allow crypto currencies to be used as deposit and down payment for condo purchases, while SC is in deal with Zipmex for similar transactions

Comment: IMO this isn’t any different from the existing fiat system…but ok fine...

PTT is expanding EV ecosystem, supply chain, production, platform, and battery, while OR mulls EV distributing license with plan to install 300 charging stations by next year.

PTTEP makes 2nd discovery in Block SK417 in offshore Malaysia.

XPG secured 4 digital asset related licenses and ready to start services in 1Q22, also got approval from the SEC to become ICO Portal, offering One-Stop Service in digital asset investment.

Comment: Delayed from 4Q21, they’re up against Bitkub & JMART Group and both have been making a lot of aggressive moves

  1. peter satapa-binder

    BCH/omicron: well, for now it is a HOPE that it wouldn’t be severe. it’s too early to tell. it may be not that threatening – or we may be heading for another lockdown and business closures soon – all is possible still.

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