ACE: a group of local residences has called for ACE to stop construction of its 2 bio-mass power plant in the area, citing environmental risk.

BPP’s doubling down on its U.S.-led growth strategy by pledging to invest >$200m in renewable energy projects to add to its existing shale gas and electricity port. It plans to build solar and wind projects totaling ~400MW in Texas next year.

Comment: There’s no surprises here as its been well telegraphed for the past few years.

HUMAN: BTS cuts holding by 0.1617% to 9.9558% on Tue.

Comment: BTS is perhaps the best hedge fund in Thailand.

MCS may report record high profit in 4Q21 at Bt422m, +46% yoy, supported by 80K tons backlog of structural steel and ongoing talks of 25K tons project in Japan, Tabloid.

Comment: No they will, it’s there in the inventories and accounts receivables.

PTTEP expects to be able to enter the disputed Erawan gas field in Jan next year, assuming months-long talks on site access can be concluded within Dec.

Comment: And then it can finally run to 150-160?

SABUY to pay Bt300m for new share of TBSP, sets up 5 new subsidiaries for new business, and adds another 14% stake of Shipsmile to 57%, after a deal with Ninja Van in parcel delivery services, and allowing Sabuy Maxi to be in charge of Ninja Van’s employees and parcel insurance.

Comment: It’s still running.

SAT’s subsidiary, BKK Spring Industrial (BSK), purged 50.99% holding in Nippon Kikai Engineering for Bt69.97m.

SMPC’s 370k gas cylinders to deliver to Kuwait client 1Q22, sees positive exports momentum to the U.S. due to high labor & raw material costs, expects wider margins next year from lower freight rate & higher capacity utilization, mull expand warehouse storage from current capacity 100k units to avoid demand/supply mismatched, eyes 15% revenue growth next year.

Comment: Everyone once in a while this name runs when investors realise that they benefit from 1) a weaker THB 2) a booking of orders to MENA.

SMD sees strong demand for ATK restocking from hospitals & healthcare agencies on arrival of Omicron in Dec.

SET’s expected to announce SET50 reshuffle for 1H22 today, with TIDLOR, BANPU, HANA, AWC expected to be added, while AOT, DELTA, STA, BJC are at risk of being removed.

Comment: It’s going to be a heavy volume day

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