BGRIM paid Bt116m for 49.9% in KOPOS, a developer of wind and solar farm in Korea, with 95.78MW capacity.

DOD begins selling CBD oil from Jan 22, reaffirms big jump next year.

Comment: 2022 may be the year that the hemp industry properly kicks off in Thailand. DOD is related to BJT

GULF to resume 5,300MW IPP project after supreme Admin Court ruled in its favor.

Comment: Was this ever really in doubt?

J cod its 5th community mall, Jas Green Village – Kubon.

NETBAY: local fund, BBLAM, cuts holding by 0.1279% to 9.9516% of total outstanding on Mon.

Comment: This name used to the be the tech play in Thailand in 2018. Now its been overtaken by the likes of BOL, BE8 & BBIK.

SABUY signed door-to-door courier, Ninja Van, to expand logistic business, sees synergy to its Shipsmile deliver services, target 50% revenue growth next year.

Comment: Trading at 100x PE , but everyone is projecting a 150% profit growth for next year.

SAMART’s subsidiary, TEDA, wins Bt1.08b power distribution project.

SUPER sees 40% revenue growth next year to Bt13b, supported by 371MW Vietnam power plant and 100MW in Thailand, to wrap up M&A in 200MW power plant, and target 400-500MW from 1,500MW in the new PDP, as well as 100MW waste power plant.

Comment: “I target to fly to the moon” isn’t much of a target….though to their credit the firm bas achieved most of its targets.

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @NETBAY: their P/E is really low for this sector, but on the other side, their share price had not performed much, compared to others there. also, looking at their web site, well, i do have the feeling that they are a little bit behind the times. maybe they will become interesting as a ‘laggard play’ at some point?

    • unlike the newer players, netbay had a (EDIT) decline in profit, they benefit when trade resumes strongly to/from thailand as they receive a fee from the govt for this.
      Target customers/specialisation is different for netbay vs be8,bbik,secure,sabuy.

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