ACE, TPCH, UAC to bid for community PP phase 2 with 400MW later this year.

Comment: Who wants to take the over/under that the police related ACE are going to win the majority of this?

CRC to invest Bt100b over next 5-year to grow revenue by 2.5X, EBITDA by 3.5X, and market cap by 2.5X.

KTC upbeats card spending 1Q supported by shopping tax rebate stimulus, target loanbook >Bt 100b by end of year from outstanding Bt93b eo-FY21, expects record high profit this year after branching out from credit card & P-loan to title loan & hire-purchase lending via KTBL.

LPN sets 16 new launch target this year worth Bt11b, boosting presales and revenue to Bt13b and Bt16b.

Comment: At what point can property names re-rate from 5x to 7/9x?

PTG sets 15% revenue growth target this year, supported by 8-10% fuel sale growth, to boost non-oil revenue to 20% of total from current 10%, sets Bt4-4.5b capex to expand retail stations and venture into waste PP, mulling 6MW in Songkla.

Comment: Loved the management, but their margins are going to absolutely awful until oil goes down which will be in….what…3 years? Or unless they can really boost non-oil margins.

SCGP sets capex for M&P at Bt10b, firms on Bt140b revenue target, of which 60% are from overseas.

SK’s bidding for Bt300m power distribution projects from Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), aims to fill backlog above Bt500m from current Bt250m, mulls diversify power engineering & materials to expand sector coverage.

Comment: Steady earners via “concessionary” relationships.

TQM upbeats comm outlook from higher insurance policy sales yoy as demand grows on improving auto & property market, tailwind from health & life insurance, eyes double digits growth this year.

Cabinet approved transfer right & benefits of onshore petroleum concession at L10/43 & L11/43 (Sukhothai & Pitsanulok) from Mitsui Oil Exploration (MOECO) to UAC as majority of reserve are gas hence MOECO not be able to exploit full benefit of the field.

Comment: An onshore field, not sure on their ability to do much with this, cost according to disclosure is USD 1mn.

WINMED sets 50% revenue growth target this year, 9-11% profit growth from new products and services, ready to open new Winmed Lab for covid testing, while Bt111m backlog to realize over 2 years.

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