ADB target 20% FY22 revenue growth >Bt2b driven by bioplastic & med-grade plastic compounds for blood bag, syringe, med equipment & packaging, mulls 50% capacity upgrade to fill demand from overseas.

Comment: Great headline but look through the figures of the company, not much happened until the past 2 years and it wasn’t GPM driven.

ASW mulls 2 new condo projects worth Bt3.8b, targeting Bt2b presales in 1Q22 and Bt8.4b FY22.

Comment: Really? Condo projects now? Best of luck…

HANA reassures solid 4Q from auto & mobile electronic sales, allots Bt3b to increase investment in Power Master Semiconductor (PMS) to accommodate high voltage solutions for converters & inverters in energy, cloud, EV and industrial applications.

ICN wins broadband maintenance contract & roaming network expansion projects total Bt131m, lifts backlog >Bt 1.5b, target Bt billion by end of year.

More than 500 people have over the past 3 days lodged complaints with the government over the impact of pollution from a burst undersea oil pipe off the coast of Rayong after 40% of hotel and resort bookings in the area were cancelled. SPRC said to take full responsibility.

Comment: So who is pay for this?

SUSCO sets Bt500m to expand 20 retail stations & EV chargers, expects improved fuels sales volume from increase in short distance travel enable to off-set tight marketing margin from diesel price curbs, target 30-40% sales volume growth from low base last year.

Comment: Small player, decently managed…always been cheap, except for 1-2 periods where it bounces high.

TNP anticipates sales jump 2Q from shopping subsidies stimulus phase 4, improved traffic during CNY, tailwind from test & go scheme, expects positive SSSG this year.

Comment: Small stimulus versus previous periods.

TPLAS target 10% FY22 revenue growth supported by larger varieties of F&B packaging products, contribution from online channel, aims to curb costs to protect margins, no heavy capex this year.

Bio-diesel stocks (B100), AIE, GGC, PTG, EA, UAC, BCP, may feel the impact from Government’s decision to change formula from B7 to B5 from Feb 5 – Mar 31, but may leap windfall from rising CPO price, boosting stock gains, Tabloid.
Comment: The country’s oil fund is bankrupt, they’re going to have to borrow and borrow. If you remember back in 2020 when oil went “negative” they decided not to increase inventories…idiots.

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