ALT upbeats FY22 outlook from improved revenue mixed after branching out from telco network installation to EPC solar rooftop, sees popularity increase among industrial & SME clients from private PPA platform without capital requirement, target 50 projects install this year, mulls tapping in factory clients and government agencies.

AS reaffirms solid 4Q21 from full quarter recognition of 2 mobile games (Cabal Mobile & Gujian), new game launched in 4Q (Real Yulgang), expects positive momentum continued from new mkt thru Vietnam & Indonesia.

BPP in talk M&A 3-4 power plant in the U.S., expects to wrap up at least 1-2 deals, mulls adding PPA from JPN & VN to boost renewable portfolio, maintaining 5.3k mw target by eo-FY25.

Comment: At least you can’t say that BPP hasn’t been dead focused on achieving their targets.

GULF to sign tariff MOU with Pak Bang hydro power plants in Laos with 897MW capacity within 1-2 months, expects Bt1b additional profit.

Comment: The kings of energy continue to sign MOUs left right and center.

INOX expected to record 10 year high profit in 4Q21 supported by 11 year high nickle price as demand jumps for EV battery production, Tabloid.

Comment: Nickel, copper, steel, coal. Best investments. ESG?

NRF’s board approved establishment of subsidiary in the US to engage crypto mining, producer, market, buy/sell all forms of digital assets, registration expected to completed April 30, 22.

Comment: At one point we’re going to just have to call this a bullshit unfocused company that’s making little bets here and there (fake meat, cannabis, digital) hoping that they can make a cap gain to boost profit figures. But hey as long as the music is playing.

ORI forms venture with Tokyu Land Asia to develop office building projects, One Origin Sanampao.

SCBX-SCB share swaps expected by end of March at 1:1, tradable in April, with Bt61b dividend payout to SCBX mid-22.

Comment: They have the highest NPLs, they are putting lipstick on a pig to make the story look better than reality, but watch the share price potentially be successful on the back of IPOing one of their story names.

SMPC target FY22 cooking LPG cylinders sales vol topped 8m units, sees growth from large size containers driven by demand from overseas market, aims to expand market share in Africa & U.S., eyes 10-15% revenue growth target.

XO sets 10-15% revenue growth target for 2022, mulls 5-7 new products, Bt200m capex for new machineries and factory upgrade.

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