ADB upbeat FY21 earnings from positive sales momentum of plastic beads supported by demand from cable production, auto, med supplies and industrial.

BCP is in talk with EGAT to jointly invest in EV charging station at BCP retail stations.

Comment: Boom, let’s get this EV trend going. Governments are going to shove this upon us, might as well benefit from the players in this game. GPSC, EA, BANPU, BCP, KCE have all benefitted from this story.

CHAYO in talk to buy distressed debts from 4 finance institution, target to wrap up 1-2 deals within 1Q.

Comment: They are making interesting moves in the past few months. Question is now valuation.

JKN reaffirms big jump this year from contents feeding to DTV Ch3, Ch 8, GMM25, PPTV, Amarin and JKN official Youtube channel.

Comment: If you read the thai news, the founder has been in a lot of hot water. I wouldn’t been surprised to see JKN lose some business in the next few months.

INTUCH reports Bt11.04b, flat yoy, topped Bt10.76b consensus, pays Bt1.35 dps XD February 22.

Comment: The new major shareholder GULF is going to love this.

IP acquires drug manufacturing plant with 4 drug registrations for Bt160m from TEVA, as well as 3-5 year OEM contract.

Comment: The rumours have it that they are going into the cannabis industry, boom 100x multiple target.

IRPC reports net loss Bt6.15b FY20 vs Bt1.17b loss FY19, missed Bt4.3b loss consensus, pays Bt0.06 dps XD February 22.

KTC reports Bt5.33b flat yoy, in line with Bt5.36b consensus, pays Bt0.88 dps XD April 19.

MCS reports 170,000 tons steel module backlog, 60,000t to realize this year, sees positive momentum continues from demand for steel from Toranomon Azabudai JPN skyscraper project, target FY21 sales >90,000t price JPY 250k/t, will sign 2 contract for mixed use project total 45,000t in February.

Comment: I wonder if the recent massive increases in steel prices is going to hurt their margins

PRINC to open a hospital in Sri sa-ked in April to cater for surrounding provinces and Cambodia.

Comment: BDMS Part 2

PTT Oil and Retail Business (OR) shares will begin trading on the SET tomorrow, with analysts suggesting a FV of Bt22 per share based on fundamentals.

TK sees yoy growth in profit this year on recovery of purchasing power, target wrapping up M&A deal in Myanmar by end of year, boosting oversea contribution to 40%, sets Bt400m capex to expand micro-finance business.

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