ADB upbeats FY21 outlook from recovery demand for compound plastic beads, adhesives and sealants for med supplies, wire coated, building material and auto.

CKP expects 15-30% revenue growth this year, sets Bt2-4b capex for PP.

BTS signs Pink Line extension into Muangthong Thani with NBM worth Bt4,230m, with BLAND in for Bt1,250m and the rest from bank loans.

Comment: Bam bam bam, who says the family hatred would last forever? Upside aligns interest.

EA said will leap benefit from past investment cycle this year, especially EV business, which account for 20% of total revenue, supported by battery biz, electric boats and charging stations.

Comment: Give Prawit and friends some shares and then they’ll definitely be the market leader.

EPG sets 28-30% GM this year, will test run new aroflex plant in the US this June.

NYT expects turnaround FY21 from recovery traffic at RO/RF pier on auto exports, improved rental income from higher OCC at warehouse & cargo terminal, wider GPM from lower PAT charge and personnel expense.

Comment: When looking at the 4Q #’s for the manufacturers, I wouldn’t be surprised to see NYT’s volume numbers pick up.

PTT sees stock gains, contributions from its subsidiaries and global recovery to boost its NP this year to Bt100b, from Bt37.8b last year, sets Bt103b 5-year capex.

Comment: Hello commodities my old friend

SABUY targets 25% revenue growth this year, supported by food court payment management, digital payment services, vending and top-up machine, allots Bt800m capex to add 6k vending machines from current 6k, 7k top-up machines from current 54k, expand 20-30k e-payment channel via POS and investment in start-up business.

Comment: I’m surprised by the movement in this name.

SRIPANWA sets Bt1.2b capex to expand pool villas, add convention hall, sees marginal impact on hi-end segment.

Comment: They do have cash flow issues, but its the #1 desired destination for Bangkokians in Phuket. They have that market locked up.

TQM target 60% insurances sales growth yoy above Bt25b, mulls M&A broker to expand network, expects tailwind from contribution of consumer credits thru existing clients.

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