B’s board approved divestment of Bangpakong cargo terminal for Bt75m, aiming to reduce reliance on marine cargo services, shifts focus to logistic business.

BGC anticipates FY21 turnaround from larger bottles & containers sales volume from recovery consumption, in talk 3 M&A total Bt2.5b, will wrap up deal in paper container producer capacity 100ktpa before end 1Q, firms on 35% revenue growth target.

Comment: At one point this will be attractive.

NER reaffirms 410K tons rubber sales target this year, boosting revenue to Bt22b, sets to submit bid for community PP license next month, mulls investment in hemp related business.

Comment: Rubber prices are going to the moon! And another cannabis play, oh that sweet amazing Thailand weed is coming to the world.

SF anticipates bottom-out rental rate on easing Covid curbs, expects OCC gradually return to normal in 2H, will resume redevelopment Market Place Thong Lor 4 to a mixed-use project in 3Q, 5k sq.m community mall Market Place Krungthep Kreetha to begin construction before end of year.

Comment: I’ve said this for a while, their business model is highly reliant upon the opening of new locations for that bump in earnings otherwise you’re just seeing the spread between their costs of leasing the land and renting out create locations.

SPVI sets 10% revenue growth target, from Bt3.6b last year, on track to open 10 new U-Store this year, despite rising trend of online classes.

THAI proposed bankruptcy court to sell crew training center (Laksi site) & 5 used jet engines to extend life line until end July, keeps crew training facility hub at SIA.

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