ITD holds bondholders meeting today to approve redemption extension of ITD254A series for 2 years, failure to get waiver would trigger 4 tranches of bond approved prior becoming defaults, Bangkokbiznews.

Comment: Oh just go bankrupt already! I want to see the banks fight of the scraps from the scion of an MR.

CREDIT: Thai Credit Bank sets IPO price at Bt29/share, top end of Bt28-29 range, listing on Feb 9.

Comment: That’s surprising. So, a PE firm took a stake, earnings magically doubled, and now they’re quickly listing. You’re being fooled. But this is one fantastic ticker they’ve chosen.

PTTEP: reports today, market estimate Bt16.57b profit for 4Q23, full year @ Bt75.52b consensus.

Comment: So… USD revenue stream check, volume growth check, minimal debt check, ~6% divvy, check. Any reason to not own this?

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