ADVANC opened up its AIS Next G service to run on all makes of Android smartphones. The company’s Next G app allows the company to penetrate 15 million Android smartphone users. The company expects revenue to grow 7-8% this year. (Kao Hoon, 8/6/18)
AGE expects operations to be good in 2Q18 as coal price reached US$100/ton. It has already stocked more than 800,000 tons of coal for delivery in 2Q18-3Q18. The company expects revenue to increase 2025% this year. (Kao Hoon, 8/6/18)
AIT plans to bid for large projects worth Bt20bn and has backlog of Bt2.827bn. It expects recovery in 2Q18 earnings, backed by an improvement in margin. (Kao Hoon, 8/6/18)
Comment: Could it finally be time for AIT and SAMTEL?
BM expects 2Q18 earnings to be good and its 2018 revenue to increase more than 20%. It just got a new order for 900 tons worth Bt200mn. (Kao Hoon, 8/6/18)
DRT launched a new product, Diamond Block, which is light brick. It expects 2018 revenue to grow 5%, in line with the industry. (Kao Hoon, 8/6/18)
Comment: I do wonder if the businesses for both DRT and DCC have stabilised yet.
FTE will open a new branch in Rayong at the end of June to support its industrial estate clients. It maintains its revenue target of Bt1.08bn (+10%) this year. It has backlog of Bt350mn, of which 60% will be booked this year. (Kao Hoon, 8/6/18)
GUNKUL will ask shareholders on June 28 to approve the acquisition of a stake in FEC for no more than Bt650mn. It has backlog worth Bt700mn, which is expected to generate revenue of Bt100mn per year.   (Kao Hoon, 8/6/18)
HMPRO expects sales to grow more than 5% this year and same-store sales )SSS) growth of 3.1%.  It plans to open a new store in June. It plans to hold roadshows in Hongkong and Singapore. (Thun Hoon, 8/6/18)
Comment: It’s all about the margins for this company, revenue growth is minimal at best but its their product mix shift that has been a successfully executed strategy
JAS is paying a dividend of Bt0.3/share for 1Q18, equivalent to 5% dividend yield. XD is on June 21. (Kao Hoon, 8/6/18)

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