A plans to open eight new projects worth Bt7.5bn in 2H18 to boost sales revenue of this year to reach Bt6bn. It will spend more than Bt1bn to acquire new land. (Thun Hoon, 7/6/18)
ADB has launched a new product, PVC resin for the medical industry. Sales target for this year is set at 5-10% growth. Currently, the company is waiting for orders from customers before starting production in 3Q18. (Thun Hoon, 7/6/18)
ANAN says it has backlog of Bt53.6bn with the transfer of the Ashton Chula-Silom worth Bt8.5bn continuing. The project is 85% sold. ANAN maintains its revenue growth target of 150% YoY to Bt38bn. (Kao Hoon, 7/6/18)
Comment: The overhang still remains for ANAN with Ashton Asoke and there’s only 3 weeks left in the month, analysts have been writing that if it doesn’t go ahead then a fair range is 4.2-4.5, if it does then 6-8 for this year. Feels like an option.
CRANE has been awarded Bt100mn work for bored pile construction for electric train projects. This will boost its backlog to Bt600mn. It will continue to seek more business worth Bt300mn. Management expects revenue in 2018 to exceed Bt1.18bn with an investment budget of Bt200-300mn for new equipment for bored pile drilling. (Thun Hoon, 7/6/18)
Comment: Eating into SEAFCO’s market share? Nope there is plenty to go around
CWT expects 2Q18 results to be strong after booking revenue from a new 9.6MW biomass power plant in Sakaew province. This will boost its 2018 revenue to Bt2.4bn. The company will sign an MOU with Hino by end-June to assemble micro buses for launch in late 2018. (Kao Hoon, 7/6/18)
DTC says 2Q18 performance should be good YoY, supported by a higher occupancy rate and revenue from the food business. This year’s revenue growth target of 5% is reaffirmed, backed by growth in its customer base. It has introduced a new hotel brand, ASAI, to expand its hotel portfolio. The sale of assets into an REIT is expected to conclude by 4Q18. (Thun Hoon, 7/6/18)
Comment: The next 3 years will be interesting to watch for this company, if no one has noticed..the stock was up nearly 3x in the past 3 years.
INET expects revenue to rise 30% YoY to Bt1.4bn from a 70% growth in customers YoY to 2,100-2,300 customers. The setup of an infrastructure fund (IFF) is expected to be completed by 1H19, and it aims to sell INET IDC3 Phase 1 Saraburi worth Bt3bn to the fund. The proceeds will be used to expand the business over the next five years with sales of Bt10bn. (Kao Hoon, 7/6/18)
JMT plans to increase its investment budget to Bt5bn to acquire more high-quality and high-return debt. The company expects to recognize more revenue from JP Insurance in 2H18 and will boost revenue growth to 30% as planned. It will conclude the debt collection business in Vietnam in 3Q18. (Thun Hoon, 7/6/18)
KBANK expects SME loans to hit its 2018 target growth of 4-6%, though 5M18 loans grew less than 1%. It aims to control NPLs this year to be below 5%. (Kao Hoon, 7/6/18)
KCM is expanding to cover the energy business via installation of solar rooftop. It targets to achieve sales this year of Bt20-30mn. In 2018, it has a revenue target of Bt400mn, growing in tandem with the better economy. It also plans to increase high-margin products and expand its customer base. (Thun Hoon, 7/6/18)
LHK expects FY2019 revenue rise 5%, backed by a stronger auto industry. It plans to increase auto production capacity within the next 3-6 months.  (Kao Hoon, 7/6/18)
MOONG says 2Q18 operations will be stronger YoY, boosted by new products. It targets 2018 revenue growth of 15%, with stronger operations in Laos. It is talking with a partner to expand more in Myanmar and Cambodia, raising its export portion to reach 3%. (Thun Hoon, 7/6/18)
S targets 2019 revenue to reach Bt20bn. It will record hotel revenue from 39 hotels after it acquired and recorded revenue from six Outrigger hotels this month. It has backlog of Bt10bn, most of which will be booked in 2019. (Kao Hoon, 7/6/18)
SAPPE expects 2Q18 revenue to be solid, boosted by high season and new products. It plans to start up a new production line within the next 1-2 months. It targets 2018 revenue to grow 10-15% via expanding in domestic and overseas markets. (Kao Hoon, 7/6/18)
SCC plans to operate the first petrochemical complex in Vietnam, enhancing its competitive advantage with world-class technology. It plans to start to construct the plant in 3Q18. (Kao Hoon, 7/6/18)
Comment: And the questions remain, will their petrochem spreads improve? Will Cement prices improve domestically? We’ve seen a slight bump in the 1Q for the first time in years, will this continue?
SNC expects its 2Q18 performance to improve QoQ with a focus on controlling cost. The amalgamation of subsidiaries should improve gross margin. It continues to sign on more orders and plans to invest in an automated production line to improve productivity. (Thun Hoon, 7/6/18)

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