ADVANC may report strong 3Q, the highest Q in 3 years, up 29% yoy to Bt8.8b, Tabloid.

Comment: At the end of the day its just a financial #’s game

AMATA upbeats IE land sales momentum as trade war persists, 400 acres out of total 4,400 acres landbank in EEC area ready for quick start up, target 10% sales growth next year from current 360 acres FY19 target.

Central Retail Corp submits filing for 2,231m share IPO, raising fund for oversea expansion, debt repayment, and as working cap.

Comment: Has anyone else in Bangkok noticed the constant amount of sales done by CRC? Getting rid of inventory in prep for the IPO? Or just an incredibly weak consumer econ.

GUNKUL, TPCH, TSE, SSP may participate in bidding for 400MW community waste powerplants in late this year, COD in 2022.

Comment: 6 years ago investors would be all over these names, nowadays, people just don’t believe in the timeline

JCK appeals Supreme Admin Court after Central Admin Court revokes construction license of its flagship projects, Mahadlekluang Residence.

LOXLEY sold entire holding 5.42% of MTI to Nualphan Lamsam, the CEO of MTI.

MAJOR: GIC added holding by 0.0558%, lifts total to 5.0426% of total outstanding, SEC filing.

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