ADVANC sets Bt10-15b 1-year capex to expand 5G network, while Fitch said 5G capex is credit neutral.

AOT cuts fix rent by 20%, waives minimum payment for revenue sharing for tenants only variable percentages applied from February 1,20 till January 31,21, stretching payment terms for operators in the airport for 6 months for payment due Feb20-Jul20, expects FY20 revenue drop 5% on remedy package, picks King Power for duty free counter concession in SIA.

Comment: It’s been rumoured for a week or so now confirmed, hence today’s drop.

BAM sees no financial impact from Fitch’s credit cut to BBB+ from AA-.

Comment: Well their financing costs won’t improve, unless of course interest rates continue decreasing.

BDMS and BTS had their weighting increased by MSCI, effective at close on Feb 28.

Comments: Helps to offset Thailand’s decreased weighting

GPSC signed Bt295m construction deal with Thai Takasago for 1st production plant for semi-solid batteries in Map Ta Phut with projects worth Bt1.1b.

HUMAN upbeats outlook FY20 from synergy with BTS’s digital payment. Rabbit & Rabbit Finance, 6 new launch HR products and contribution from recent acquired TigerSoft, target 20% revenue growth this year.

Comment: And I see this to be more valuable towards BTS/VGI

KCE: Bualuang AM, cut holding by 0.3495% of total outstanding to 4.7877% last Friday (Feb 14), SEC filing.

ORI branches out to property management services, aims to fill demand for real estate outsourcing and diversify from developing business.

Comment: I am surprised we haven’t seen more downside in this name.

PTTEP inks deal TOTAL to jointly explore Oil & Gas in Oman.

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