ADVANC’s partnered with Microsoft Thailand on 5G-driven cloud innovation as part of its strategy to capitalise on burgeoning demand in the segment, driven by a push for digital transformation by enterprises.

Comment: Disney and now Microsoft. DTAC is gone, TRUE is still figuring out how to do cost-cutting…

APP’s firm on 10-15% revenue growth target this year, supports by recovery in auto and construction industries and Bt70-80m backlog.

BEC reaffirms solid turnaround from strong ad revenue from higher rating, improved prime time rate on news program, more contents sales & lower expense yoy, seeks to sell TH series & contents abroad to boost revenue.

Comment: They fired that stupid expensive team and now they’re back. Though I still have doubts on their ability to return to the peaks of the early 2010s.

BGRIM to wrap up 1,200MW gas-fired Powerplants in Vietnam in 2H21, mulls Bt10b bond to refinance debts and expansion.

Comment: It’s conquering countries power supplies.

CK signs a construction contract worth Bt77.48m.

JASIF sees solid 2Q, no impact from covid, while 3BB records strong growth from WFH, sees yield at 10.3% this year.

PSH launches Bt500m Plum Condo Sukhumvit 62 on June 19-20.

PYLON sees better 2H2, on Bt647m backlog, plus another Bt400m ready to sign, target Bt1,000m new signing to boost this year to same level as last.

SIS mulls adding equipment & software for power management to capture clients from renewable energy & EV segment, balance revenue mixed from data center & cloud service biz, firms on 15% revenue growth target.

STARK upbeats outlook on G7 carbon neutral policy, expects surging demand for cable as renewable energy grows, mulls tapping into battery business.

Comment: Remember they are trying to position themselves as a monopoly play for cable.

TACC anticipates higher revenue from beverage & San-X characters sales yoy from improved traffic at 7-11, recovery SSSG at Black Canyon, Muan Chon Coffee, Arabitia Café, Jungle Café and CP Fresh Mart.

TU: SSO raised holding by 0.0902% to 5.0422% of total outstanding on Friday (June 11).

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