FPT sets Bt15b capex to expand rental warehouse, target 4m sq.m. by FY26, mulls selling assets total Bt1b into REIT, finalize plan in September, firms on Bt20b revenue target this year.

GLOCON’s firm on 37% revenue growth target to Bt2,114m, with 60% from food business, with plan to launch plant-based protein in sale at Lotus in July and CBD oil in food in October, hoping to wipe out Bt833m retained loss by next year.

ILINK signs underground wiring contract for Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) for Bt33.8m.

Comment: These are projects that they were working on years ago, finally coming to fruitation.

SCM sees 15% revenue growth in 2Q21 as expected, seeing growth momentum in 2H on investment in digital and applications to boost online sales.

SMT sees good potential revenue this year would exceed Bt2,535m target, on rising orders, Bt30-40m/week until mid next year.

Comment: Share price has been pumped! Now if they actually perform consistently year in year out, I haven’t met management in years..maybe things have changed.

SYNTEC target to win at least Bt8b out of Bt13.5b bidding this year, lifts backlog from Bt6.6b on hand, maintaining Bt8.5b FY21 revenue target.

Comment: At one point this will turnaround around strongly.

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