ADVANC completed successful testing of 5G standalone (5G SA) roaming with Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier & T-Mobile, completing 5G SA roaming btw the US and Switzerland and the US and Thailand.

ARIN: local fund, KKPAM, purged entire holding 21.6666% on Dec 8.

Comment: News appears to be misleading here, it’s most likely a transfer from a Private Fund of the major shareholder to herself.

CPF: Jumbo Kingdom Venture cuts holding by 1.4879% to 7.874% on Dec 8.

Comment: This appears to be a family entity dumping the shares. If you go down the internet rabbit hole it’s held by “Active business holdings” which is also considered a CP Group company.

GFPT maintains 5-8% full year sales growth target, sees poultry sales & GPM improved qoq in 4Q, thanks to higher domestic selling price, larger exports volume, lower feedmill cost, new slaughter plant on track to cod 2H24.

Comment: At this price it’s looking interesting…

LEO: Lanchang Express, a subsidiary collabs with Sri Trang Logistics & Baothai Index, wins contract from China’s state enterprise, CRCT Asean International Logistics, to transport 32 containers of goods from China to Thailand.

MEGA: ABRDN Malaysia raised holding by 0.0134% to 2.0574% on Dec 7.

Comment: As mentioned yesterday, it’s a margin improvement game as their businesses in both Vietnam and Indonesia continue to ramp up. And this business unit continues to proportionally become larger than the distribution business leading to higher margins.

NEX upbeats outlook from better than expected e-truck booking from Motor Expo event at 229 units, sees growth potential from strong demand for cost saving from corporate, commercial clients.

SC keeps Bt22b full year sales target, maintain 5 residential new projects total Bt8.3b in 4Q, mulls invest in 100k sq.m. warehouse & 1-2 hotels next year to boost recurring income.

Comment: Lots of interesting things happening in the warehouse industry in Thailand…for SC the rumour has always been that its related to Flash.

SPI in JV with Zhen Ding Technology to manufacture multi-layer PCB, Bt10b initial investment in 1st phase, total Bt50b by 2030.

TCAP’s insurance unit, Thanachart Insurance, accelerating expansion of ecosystem to provide complete care for EV customers, signed MOU with Shell to provide benefits to customers who fill EV at Shell Recharge stations, discount at Shell Café

Comment: Let’s go through the actual figures of the Chinese EV p&ls. Strip out the subs from the gov and let’s see if these companies actually make money.

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