MASTER sets Bt1.2b capex for 6 investment projects, aiming to become #1 in specialized healthcare service, for gradual revenue recognition from early next year.

Comment: So at one point we are going to have to look at this company as a what? A specialised healthcare and aesthetics company?

MEGA eyes 5-10% FY24 sales growth target driven by pharma business via overseas expansion, mulls adding 70-80 SKUs of health supplement products in portfolio, sets Bt510m capex to develop pharma plant in Indonesia, seeks to expand new plant in Vietnam.

Comment: As their pharma biz continues to grow, the company’s margins will naturally expand as the distribution business becomes a smaller portion of the overall group. That’s the way to look at this company.

OR has dusted off its plan to build budget hotels inside its petrol stations, adding community malls for tourists as the company focuses on non-oil business.

Comment: And now the question is…on their own, or partnered with? Rumours in the past were a potential partnership with ERW.

PTTGC will book Bt3b gains from disposal of GC Logistic Solutions (GCL) to WHA in 4Q23, sees chemical price bottoming out, expects target FY24 chemical sales volume +10% yoy, no maintenance shutdown next year.

SRICHA upbeats earnings visibility from Bt2b outstanding backlog from TOP’s Clean Fuel Project (CFP) pending to realize, mulls bidding for additional EPC contract from TOP total Bt3.5b next year.

STEC’s board approved restructuring to holding company via share swap 1 to 1, will abort plan if tender less than 75% of total outstanding.

Comment: Hmmm……well why not.

SUSCO expects to report solid earnings from contribution from BYD EV dealership business after BYD logged 6,119 vehicles booked during BKK Motor Expo event.

Comment: I just don’t understand consumer behaviour. But this is great for SUSCO.

TOP sets Bt20bn capital expenditure budget for 2024, including Bt15bn for CFP to be completed in 2025, boosting output to 400,000 barrels per day, and to comply with EURO5 for both benzene and diesel from 1Q24

Comment: Margins appear to be holding well. This and capacity expansion seem straightforward.

TPLAS seeks to expand environmental friendly packaging products in portfolio, aims to expand coverage to retailers & dept store segment, enhance ESG value.

Comment: There is no such thing as a “commercially viable” environmentally friendly packaging product.

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