ADVANC sees significant surge on data traffic during December 25-January 1, 21 as media usage and online shopping jumps on travel restrictions, expects momentum continue from WFH scheme on fresh round of pandemic.

BEC: Silchester international cuts holding by 0.25% to 4.9938% of total outstanding on December 30.

GUNKUL reports disposal of Iwakuni solar projects in Japanese for Bt2.863b, payment recovery full amount on December 28, 20, Bt1.09b gains book in 4Q20.

MAJOR’s cinemas will be shut at the highest control area including 28 provinces to curb Covid spreads.

NYT gets port authority’s cargo terminal contract extension by 5 years till April 30 , 2026.

Comment: The monopoly (ok fine they only have 90% the market share) continues

PTT trades XB today for pre-emptive right for subscription of PTTOR 95:1.

Comment: Thus the support for the name is over, back to funnymentals and fund flow.

PTTEP wins a 20 years contract from Myanmar authority to develop 600mw gas fired powerplants projects total US$2b.

Comment: Ka-Ching and 1) oil prices continue to remain strong 2) Nat gas prices up 3) LNG prices up

STGT: PAR split to Bt0.5 from 1 effective tomorrow (Jan5).

Comment: Will this have its usual effect?

SUPER cods 3 Vietnam solar projects total 550mw.

  1. Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity (in that order 🙂 for this new year, Khun Pon.
    Re: PTTOR, I have researched to see if and when the rights will trade. No joy. Have you any info, please? Tia.

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