Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 46.6 bn

  • AWC – Just switching from personal holdings to a corporate holding
  • THG – And he’s still buying.
  • DELTA – That’s interesting/odd to see at these levels.
  • MTI – I’m becoming more curious about the old fashioned insurance names…more as an idea re int rates.
  • SA – New IPO, condo/real estate, probably dead on arrival. Unless you believe that there will be a flood of foreign buying in the next 6 months which will only alleviate 1/2 their inventory.
  • SFLEX – Owner is buying….what’s the story here. He wants 51% or is there something genuinely positive going on with the business?

Sell(s) THB 47.3 bn

  • AWC – See above
  • AU – BTS Group is the equity cookie monster on the SET, they’ve taken a stake here (and YGG)
  • ACE – I wonder who the block buyer is here. It’s a decent size.
  • MK – ~7% of total shares sold by the Chairman.
  • DELTA – This makes more sense.
  • VCOM – The Chairman dumps shares to .. ?

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