Further delay to ADVANC’s takeover bid of 3BB is expected after NBTC’s sub committee tasked with scrutinizing the economic impact of the deal has asked NBTC board to extend its working timeline for another 60 days.

Comment: Translation “We’ve been spending taxpayer money going on holiday in Europe with our families and forgot to do our jobs”

BEM reaffirms positive earnings momentum in 2H driven by strong tollway traffic & MRT ridership, larger commercial area of Metro mall, target to sign Orange line MRT by end of year.

Comment: This will continue to look good until 2H24.

CPAXT debuts hybrid mall platform, combined Lotus’s & Makro in 1 shop, aims to fill demand for B2B & B2C, penetrate into small community, costs saving, expects sales recover in 2H from government stimulus, eyes 20% full year sales growth target.

Comment: Translation for “We have run out of ideas”

CRD expects the worst is behind after new government is formed, mulls bidding infra & private construction project on jump start investment, aims to seal Bt600m waste management contract by end of year.

GLAND’s CFO said completion of over 1.5m sq.m. of new BKK office space, mostly in CBD around Rama 4, within next 2 years will continue to put pressure on office landlords.

Comment: I remember a decade or so ago musing with friends that BKK had a lack of grade A office and residential buildings, how a decade of low rates has changed this.

GUNKUL’s exploring opportunity to exports cannabis to Germany after it passed bill to legalize recreational marijuana use.

Comment: Yeah well, Thailand lost their chance to say they have great local strains because of the Buriram boys.

PTTGC: credit rating downgrade to Baa3 from Baa2, outlook remain negative at Moody’s.

SAWAD keeps 25-30% FY loan growth target, sees LLP normalize in 3Q, will start to realize revenue from quick cash unit, Ngyn Sod Than Jai, from 3Q.

Comment: Some clever analyst will dig into their figures and see the financial sheningans going on.

SCAP mulls revising up full year loanbook target after logged Bt30b in 1H, sees motorbike HP & personal loan remain strong in 2H, target NPL within 3-4% by end of year.

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