ANAN mulls 5 new remedy options for Ashton Asoke for court consideration.

Comment: The CEO & Board should be sued by shareholders, they lied pre-covid that this issue was resolved.

DMT reaffirms 30% FY revenue growth target driven by strong tollway traffic, target FY average daily traffic >110k trips/day.

BCP board approved Bt9.30-Bt9.70/share for ESSO acquisition, to wrap up deal by eo-3Q.

Comment: If it drops again, easy trade…

Central Marketing Group (CMG), Thailand’s market leader in the distribution of more than 40 lifestyle brands under CRC, expects its fashion business sales to exceed Bt10b this year.

Comment: They are the retail king of the country.

JASIF: 96% unitholders approved rent cut & scrap min guaranteed income for 3BB broadband network rental in exchange of rental extension from end of Jan 29,2032 to Dec 31, 2038. ADVANC is expected to acquire 3BB & JASIF under purchase agreement from JAS total Bt32b pending NBTC approval.

KTC appoints Pittaya Vorapanyasakul as CEO in place of Rathian Srimongkol who due to retire from completion on extended retirement, effective from Jan 1,24.

Comment: That’s the end of an era, short it, well no fine..let’s give the new CEO a chance, but Rathian really was responsible for bringing KTC to where it is today. Such an amazing success story.

JMART sees 3Q turnaround aft hit by sluggish operation from SINGER & SGC due to large LLP, expects credit demand pick up on recovery consumption aft new government is formed.

Comment: I have my indicator for when to buy/sell this,¬†you should find that person that’s always wrong and take the other side.

PRAPAT target cod subsidiary in Phu Quoc island by end of November, aims to boost overseas sales from demand for cleaning products & hygiene solutions from hotel & F&B operators in Vietnam.

PTG revised up FY fuel sales vol growth to 10-15% from 8-12% prior, mulls adding 40 retail stations in 2H to 2,206 by end of year, seeks to expand non-oil to boost revenue.

Comment: Volume growth isn’t the issue, it’s the marketing margin, and unless oil prices are back below USD 60/bbl they’re going to continue suffering.

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