ADVANC told to stop airing World Cup. The court ruled that ADVANC subsidiary would have to stop airing football’s World Cup 2018 broadcast through AIS PLAY after True Vision filed an appeal. ADVABD ceased broadcasting at 5 p.m. on June 28. (Kao Hoon, 2/7/2018)
Comment: A big FU to AIS from TRUE.
BGRIM will relocate BGPR1 and BGPR2 power plants to Ang Tong industrial estate. The official announcement will be made in July. Its CEO confirmed that COD will be on schedule in 2021 and company has prepared to invest the power plant in overseas. (Thun Hoon, 2/7/2018)
Comment: This isn’t an issue for BGRIM, there are so many locations that are available for them
GGC share price fell dramatically on concerns of the disappearance of Bt2.1bn in inventory. PTTGC holding company says its profit will not be affected because GGC profit is just 2% of PTTGC’s. Khun Jirawat, MD of GGC, has resigned to show responsibility. (Kao Hoon, 2/7/2018)
Comment: It is amazing. THB 2 bn worth of inventory went pooooof
HANA says Chinese customers have stocked smartphones again in 2Q18, boosting revenue for this year. It also says 2H18 profit margin will recover an expected continued depreciation of the baht. (Thun Hoon, 2/7/2018)
IVL acquired Kordama to boost its HVA (High Value Added) product business. This deal puts it in the lead in market share for car inner tube fiber manufacturers in Europe. Its CEO confirmed that revenue will rise to US$1bn in 2019 and says it has already completed six big deals in 1H18. (Kao Hoon, 2/7/2018)
Comment: Another one!
LOXLEY may receive Bt6bn more compensation after appealing to the Supreme Administrative Court on June 29, 2018. The deliberation will take three months to a year. Earlier, the Central Administrative Court ruled that the Government Lottery Office had to pay Bt1.4bn in compensation to LOXLEY. (Kao Hoon, 2/7/2018)
PTTEP says 2018 revenue and profit will grow from last year, supported by rising crude oil price and higher petroleum sales. After acquiring more shares in Bongkot, it plans to bid for more in the second half of this year and write off Montara and oil sand after the board told it to write off unprofitable projects. (Manager 360 daily, 2/7/2018)
The CEO confirmed that PTTOR shares will trade on the SET in 2Q19 after transfer of business from PTT completes on July 1 and filing is submitted in November. (Kao Hoon, 2/7/2018)
Comment: Demand for this name will be interesting to watch, I’m looking forward to reading the filing.
SE says 2H18 revenue will be better than 1H18, supported by high season. It is going to add production capacity and bid for a Bt200mn project. It expects to receive 50-60% of the project. It also targets revenue to grow by 30%. (Thun Hoon, 2/7/2018)
TAPAC is confident it will turn around to profit this year, backed by booking revenue from Sweden real estate in Q3. it says it will launch a new project targeting high-end consumers and believes revenue will grow 25-30%. It says the plastics component business is still good and it will push sales to grow by 40-50% to Bt900mn. (Thun Hoon, 2/7/2018)
TTW board meeting tomorrow will consider the 30-year concession for water supply in Molumyai in Myanmar. It has budgeted Bt400mn and expects to sign the contract this month. (Thun Hoon, 2/7/2018)
Comment: A good move by TTW, you’ll read about it in an interview posting soon.
UTP says 2Q18 earnings will grow YoY driven by a rise in orders to 20,000 tons/month. It is confident that earnings will double this year. It has budgeted Bt90mn to expand warehouses and improve equipment with completion expected by yearend. (Thun Hoon, 2/7/2018)

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