ADVANC signed GULF 1 to produce electricity from solar (off-grid project) at 20 base stations, target completion by end of year, aims to expand coverage in remote area & save electricity cost.

Comment: I thought ADVANC needs a higher EBITDA to pay divvy’s to GULF to fund all the power projects it won.

BKIH: BKI Holding, the holding entity of Bangkok Insurance, debuts 104.045m new share post corporate restructuring via share swap today.

Comment: Why? What else is under the hood?

COCOCO except another record high profit in 2Q supported by new products launched (fruit gelato low milk content for health conscious consumers, pet food & coconut products), overseas mkt expansion, wider margin from new packaging (slim can & PET bottle).

Comment: I need to figure this company out..

ORI anticipates 2Q turnaround from transfer of 3 new condo project (Origin Kaset Interchange, Origin Plug & Play Nonthaburi station and Origin Play Sri Udom station) total Bt5b, additional 5 project total Bt9.4b schedule to complete in 3/4Q to propel 2H earnings.

Comment: Hmmmmmmm… many of the total units will actually be transfered?

THCOM launches prepared for Thaicom 9A & Thaicom 9 broadband satellites, service start by 1Q25 & 3Q25, enable co., to continue provide service to existing customers before the end of engineering lifespan of Thaicom 4 in 3Q25, the bigger Thaicom 10 schedule to initiate service by eo-FY27.

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