ALLY reaffirms 2Q turnaround from eased interest burden after re-payment, contribution from new asset on board, Happy Avenue, small sized community mall Donmuang district.

CPF could see flagging sales at its China pork biz on China’s anti-dumping probe on imports from EU, with any gains probably minuscule. CPF’s livestock sales from China -36% yoy, account for just 4.9% of its total livestock sales, with average swine market price in China -2% from 15.2 yuan/kg in 1Q23 to 14.9 in 1Q24, BI.

HANA expects to bk Bt420m reverse provision from investment collapse in Greensill Capital from UBS late this year.

Comment: Shareholders – sue the board? Nahhh this is Thailand.

TKN launches 2 new flavors of seaweed snacks (shrimp chili crisp & chili tom yum), expects market share jump in 2H.

Comment: Margins will be the main question

SABUY scraps Bt2.99b cash call via PP, Lightnet, Hiwell Global and Arnonchai Veerapravati pulled off as share price slump.

Comment: They’re a scam company. I don’t give a f what the management is saying. I’ve said since it was high single digits. The CEO that’s since run away, sorry resigned, has only further strengthened the idea that any “head” of standard chartered Thailand in the 90s is dodgy as f.

SCGD teams up Cambodia partner, LHCG Construction store, to expand Cotto studio & total solution center, debut 1st outlet in Poi Pet Cambodia.

Comment: They’re going to finally beat homepro?

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