ADVANC teams up 6 hospitals to provide telemedicine services, AIS Well-Being, thru digital platform, aims to fill demand from long distance patients, offering real time consultations & monitoring without need for in-person visit.

Comment: AIS is achieving what DTAC said they would do 5-7 years ago.

BLA launches saving insurance plan, offering min returns, principal guarantee, life protection, dividend, individual income tax deductible.

HMPRO sees 2Q turnaround from improved SSSG & low-base last year, maintaining SSSG within 3-5%, signs up for shopping e-voucher rebate stimulus to boost 2H sales.

Comment: Really? From the worst of the worst period last year? What a surprise…

INET expects to set up Bt4.5b INETREIT in 3Q21, with 8.47-9.99% yield, keeps Bt2b revenue target this year.

Comment: They’ve been talking about this for ages…finally happening.

QTC wins contract to supply transformers for Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) total Bt123m, lifts backlog to Bt470m.

RCL plans adding 6 vessels to its fleet in 3Q21, all 2nd hand ones.

Comment: I do wonder if they are buying at the peak of the market…

SWC sets 80% revenue growth target this year to Bt2.5b, expanding sales to non-food and food business, sets Bt10b 5-year revenue target.

Comment: TOA is making them shift, it was in the bkk post today.

TIDLOR revamps IT to reduce cost/income, accommodate larger branches network, aims to raise marketshare of car title loan from current 16%, higher up the rank in auto insurance market from current 3rd largest agent.

WHA: local fund, KASSET, raised holding by 0.004% to 5.0031% of total outstanding on Thursday (June 17).

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