ADVANC said testing of 5G CA (carrier aggression) tech on its full bandwidth of 100MHz in the band of 2600MHz and 1200MHz of the 26 GHz band has achieved 5G download speeds of 22.01 gigabits per sec (Gbps) and max upload speeds of 4.4 Gbps, representing a global first.

BRI revealed FY23 launch plan total 20 residential projects worth Bt22.5b, focusing on BKK, EEC area and tourist towns upcountry, eyes Bt13b FY sales target, record high revenue above Bt9b.

DELTA to trade Bt0.10 new par in April, pending SET’s announcement, sets 10-20% revenue growth target, on EV related growth, USD180-200m capex.

Comment: And here we thought that the Par Limit in thailand was 0.5, but exceptions are made for this name…

DMT: Supreme Admin Court ruled out consumer bodies petition to abandon Don Muang tollway fee hike, maintains FY traffic projection at >110k/trips/day, expects margin widen on lower personnel expense as 40% of users paid by Easy Pass, firms on 30% revenue growth target.

Comment: So DMT is still going to be allowed to keep printing money. At one point the government is going to have to figure out how to cap what DMT charges because it will be destructive to the growth around the areas where the tollway operates.

JR sees 15-20% FY revenue growth driven by revenue recognition from underground cable projects for Pink line MRT, Bt10b backlog pending to realize, aims to add more backlog from current Bt1.9b bidding.

JTS to move bitcoin mining operations to the US on lower costs, target 3,500 machines with 423K Terrahash per sec for 500 coins/year.

Comment: What bs is this?

IRPC sees turnaround this year on clear recovery path, full refinery capacity at 1900K-200K bbl/day, better petrochemical spread after China reopening, boosting avg GIM this year to $13-14 from $10.5 last year.

NEX mulls listing IT solutions subsidiary, Terabyte Plus, on MAI in 4Q23.

Comment: I’m going to list a company that is tech + AI + green tech + chatgpt and get a 100x multiple.

SKY: local fund, BBLAM, raised holding by 4.1648% to 5.2525% of total outstanding on Feb 24.

Comment: Wow.

UPA: co.,name changed to Green Tech Ventures, ticket changed to GTV, effective tomorrow (March 1).

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