AAV targets FY23 passenger reach pre-Covid level at 20m, +100% from 10m in FY22, expects cabin factor within 87-88% vs 81% FY22, 20% air fare hike, fuel surcharge to boost revenue.

Comment: By 4Q23 they’ll comfortably be pack, now it’s just a question of getting the same number of planes up in the air.

BAM anticipates positive momentum continued from improved cash collection, installment option on NPA sales, higher yield from restructuring, allots Bt9b to add NPL & NPA, pays Bt0.55 dps, XD May 2.

Comment: You shouldn’t be surprised by how well the NPA market is performing, the monthly events where all the defaulted SDH’s are being sold are lapped up by home buyers.

BYD in talk with PLANB to joint expand digital ad display on BKK e-bus (Thai Smile Bus), expects to conclude deal in 2Q.

Comment: It’s not safe to bet against the CEO of planb, he’s been able to hustle his way into becoming a dominate player in the industry. It’s been impressive to watch.

NUSA’s unit, Panacee Med Center, signed MOU with JPN partner, Shonan Kamakura hospital, to joint R&D autologous stem cell transplant for patients that affected by radiation & high dose of chemotherapy.

Comment: I trust absolutely nothing that this Plc does, other than their own vested interests to make money at the expense of minority shareholders.

OSP sets double digit growth this year, Bt2-2.5b capex to boost production efficiency.

Comment: Given how poorly they’ve done in 2022 this isn’t an aggressive target.

SAMART board approved listing of subsidiary, Samart Aviation Solution (SAV), sole air traffic controller in Cambodia, mulls selling IPO up to 224m shares (35% of paid up), SAMART holders get preemptive right @ 100:1.

Comment: Is it now SAMART’s time?

SCB announced Bt5.19 dividend, XD April 17.

Comment: Who cares, they’ve underperformed Bangkok Bank!!!! Why #10 has taken Arthid to one of us torture dungeons, I just don’t understand.

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