AIS rolls out Future Cube for demos – Advanced Info Service Plc (AIS) has unveiled a demonstration centre for a virtual telecommunications experience to make deeper inroads into the future of mobile 3D application storefronts. (Bangkok Post, 03/06/14)
BTS ready to borrow Bt80bn and is prepared to operate trains on three lines: Green (north and south) and in Beijing. It is confident in its competitiveness because it can maximize passenger comfort at a lower cost. It has Bt31bn cash. (Khao Hoon, 03/06/14)
Comment: You gotta love khao hoon, since when does BTS need this amount of debt? For what?
CIMBT looks for regional revenue enhancement — Pornchai Padmindra, head of wholesale banking, said CIMBT’s regional banking revenue had been gradually rising, supported by restructuring aimed at supporting large and medium-sized corporate clients expanding to ASEAN markets. It is aiming at revenue growth for wholesale banking of 69% this year, which would be helped by corporate loan expansion of Bt10bn or 17% of wholesale banking revenue. (Bangkok Post, 03/06/14)

CNT expects 2H14 to recover from 1H14. It views the coup as a positive factor, enticing greater investment in construction. It says it will report revenue of Bt9bn and has backlog of Bt7.36bn, of which it will book 60-70% in 2014. It will adjust target after 2Q14. (Khao Hoon, 03/06/14)
Comment: Perhaps one of the cleanest, best-managed construction firms in Thailand today
ERW expects average occupancy of 75% for its hotels with revenue growth of 2-4% in 2014. It plans to operate 30 hotels overseas within the next seven years at cost of Bt200mn per location. Its first targets are the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. (Khao Hoon, 03/06/14)
Comment: A pure hotel play in Thailand, focused now mainly on the low-mid tier pricing segment in the market.
OFM buys 37,500 common shares of MEB or a 75% stake worth Bt52.5mn via subsidiary, B2S, in which it holds 99.99%. (Khao Hoon, 03/06/14)
Comment: This is the wannabe amazon of SE Asia, and with central group’s backing and the CEO’s vision, it may very well just get there.
PPS to focus more on overseas and expects to increase this proportion to 10%. It expects recovery in 2H14 after National Council for Peace and Order approves government budget spending. It expects revenue of more than Bt300mn. (Khao Hoon, 03/06/14)
PTG reduces target petrol sales growth to 20% YoY from 30% because of the political situation. It expects better 2014 net profit compared to 2013. It says 2Q14 revenue from petrol sales is better than 1Q14 and is negotiating with a partner for a joint venture to set up a B100 factory at an investment cost of Bt1.5bn. (Khao Hoon, 03/06/14)
Comment: If you look closely….they have some 800 stations…that only sell petrol/diesel, what happens when they decide to add a retail component? Sales/sqm increases.
PYLON to get three new construction projects worth Bt140.9mn. (Khao Hoon, 03/06/14)
SPCG receives first interim dividend from SPC of Bt567mn. In July it will ask its board to consider business expansion and dividend payment. It confirms its revenue target of Bt3.5bn. (Khao Hoon, 03/06/14)
Comment: Easy story here, all MW’s up and running this year, no debt overhang issue, and a divvy.
STA expects 2Q14 net profit close to 1Q14 with sales of 1.2mn tons in 2014 from capacity of 1.4mn tons, boosting net margin to 1.5-2% and gross margin to 5-7%. It plans to invest Bt3.65bn. (Khao Hoon, 03/06/14)
TMI expects construction material demand to increase if the government approves some projects in the Bt2trn investment plan. It is ready to access overseas markets and increase export proportion to 20%, backed by AEC and focusing on Myanmar. (Khao Hoon, 03/06/14)
WHA says three leading global funds interested in joint venture when issues a Bt1.81bn corporate bond as working capital and to expand. It is negotiating with Indonesian and Malaysian partners to set up built-to-suit warehouses in those countries; it expects to conclude the deals in 3Q14. (Khao Hoon, 03/06/14)
Comment: They are marketing themselves very well, perhaps the key difference is that the owners here still the major shareholders, whereas TICON no longer has any real major shareholder to drive business. Something worth considering…

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