ADVANC sees marginal rise in 3Q earnings QoQ as price hike on air time package off-set by normalized mobile & bb subs post lockdown, momentum into 4Q onward from surging migration to AIS 5G services, firmer market share from wider network coverage and increasing in 5G handset model from current 12 models, expects additional 30 models launch in 4Q and 40 in FY21.

CPF anticipates all time high profit this year from strong poultry & swine sales volume, higher selling price from supply shortage and improved profitability on aquatic business, feed-mill inventory mitigate risk from 11 year high soymeal price.

Comment: Certainly true, but we are seeing pork prices decline by some -20% from its peak and typically this downtrend continues for 3 years. Pork historically moves in 5 year cycles, chicken in 3.

NER maintained 360kt FY20 rubber sales volume target supported by pending order from China till February 21, upbeats margin from healthy rubber price, eyes 410ktpa in FY21.

PSH target 7 new launches in 4Q, aiming to purge Bt25b inventories on hand, Bt6b backlog schedule to transfer remained 3 months, maintaining Bt30b full year revenue target.

STGT sees strong GPM on rubber gloves carry thru next year thanks to surging Covid infection worldwide.


THBEV’s launched Passion 2025, a 5-year strategic plan, seeking to entrench ThaiBev as the region’s leading food and beverage firm.

Comment: Empire building and network controllers. But if you look at its current valuation….it is quite attractive should they not do any further debt fueled acquisitions. 

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