ADVANC reports usages of Office 365 exceeding 217m times in a week, as demands for Work and Study from Home surged.NBTC, in collaboration with five mobile operators, is offering 100 mins of voice calls for 45 days as part of public assistance during the outbreak. ADVANC sees 4% hit on revenue, Tabloid.

Comment: I’ve applied for enough of these government services and friends have as well, without receiving any confirmation…so I doubt there will be much of an impact on the telco’s

HMPRO will revise full year guidance after 2Q results, expects sales jump after re-open, delays plans to add new outlets aside from ongoing projects, rolls out promo to boost online sales.

Comment: As previously posted in a random thought, perhaps after spending so much time at home people will begin to see what needs to be upgraded.

SCB rolls out early retirement package for 1,200 employees age above 55 years, from April 20 till May 31.

Comment: In other words, cost-cutting. Perhaps the CEO should take a -90% salary cut given all of the $hit transactions he’s overseen during his tenure.

TQM mulls to revise up FY20 sales growth target from current 15% yoy from better than expected Covid-19 insurance sales, will increase non-motor to 40% to total revenue by end of year, in talk M&A securities brokerage firm, expects clarity in 2H.

Comment: The question for TQM is can they sustain this? If not, it’ll be the next stock to form the dreaded christmas tree chart. 

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