BBL expects to save Bt7b after revised acquisition terms to lower BV multiples and Indonesia rupiah depreciation.

Comment: A slightly low acquisition price and the IDR dropping.

BWG’s major shareholder, Komol Jungrungreangkit, raised holding by 0.5219% to 5.2921% last Friday (April 16), SEC filing.

Comment: This name is trading so far below BV its ridiculous. Then again I worry re the core business but the other business lines appear to be running fine, plus an IPO of Earthtec is otw.

CHOW maintained FY20 cod target, 8 JPN solar projects combined 68mw, plans to add 15-16mw next year, firms on Bt1b revenue target.

HUMAN mulls revising FY20 revenue target as Covid-19 shove off demand for HR & resources management software.

Comment: Companies should be looking at their operations and set ups during this period and be thinking about the next 5 years, I expect firms like HUMAN are just going to benefit from this outsourcing/cost efficiency trend.

RATCH JV partner to develop 40mw powerplant in Makhonratchasima worth Bt2.176b, target cod to IE clients in within FY23.

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