ADVANC sets Bt27-30b capex, the 1st to achieve 3Gbps speed for 5G on LIVE network mmWave.

Comment: So….when 6G?

SAMART wins Banglamoong sub-station and procurement contracts at Jomthien sub-station worth Bt2.4b.

TGE completed 130m shares PP to 5 investors at Bt2.00, to finance its 2 recently won waste power plants.

SSP sets Bt3.1b revenue target this year, sets Bt30b capex to boost greenfield and M&A, to boost overall capacity to 500MW by 2025.

WHA sees demand momentum for land size 200-500 rais rising, boosted by growing EV investments, supported by government’s policy and 5,000 rai of land backlog.

Comment: That’s not a decent improvement….

RT sees solid growth momentum in 1Q, supported by transfers and Bt10.358b backlog, mulls dam and irrigation projects oversea.

Energy Regulation Commission to announce bid winners for 5,203MW alternative power plant on Apr 5, GULF, GUNKUL, TSE are front runners

Comment: GULF are the kingpins, gunkul has a land issue overhang, TSE is a sleeping at the wheel.

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