ASW reports Bt3.5b presales in 1Q23, +227%, plans 3 more projects worth Bt4.25b in 2Q.

Comment: One of the few smaller players that is going to survive.

BCPG acquires 2 gas-fired power plants in the US worth Bt9b, 426MW , boosting its US capacity to 577MW, sees clarity in battery business after collaboration with Ampace.

KUN launches Bt7.3b Kunalai Rangsit-Klong 2, after securing Bt1.466b finance from KKP, targeting mid to upper segment.

STC sees >10% revenue growth target, on economy recovery, Bt200m backlog, which will be gradually book over next 3-5 months, progress in Na Wang plant phase 5, emphasizing on precast concrete

Comment: A lot return business….heavily commoditised, not sure what the value add of STC is against it’s peers

TEGH sets 10% revenue growth target, to up block rubber capacity by 34%, to penetrate rubber tyre in China and India, to COD its expanded capacity at biogas plant in 2Q23.

Comment: Question is margins, it’s been ok over the past few years, so NER vs TEGH?

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