AEONTS reports 1Q20 (end of-May) at Bt530m, -46% yoy, TFRS9 & positive impact from lockdown weighed.

Comment: Can’t wait to see KTC’s #’s.

AP records Bt12.81b presales in horizontal projects 1H20, or 60% of full year target of Bt22.5b.

Comment: Every major property developer has shown great presale figures for housing projects during 2Q, the question is then at what margin?

BROOK board member, Varut Bulakul, raised holding by 1.33% to 21.18% of total outstanding last Friday (July 3).

BWG top shareholder, Komol Jungrungreangkit, cut holding by 0.4267% to 4.6524% of total outstanding last Thursday (Jul 2), SEC filing.

Comment: Funny money game going on at BWG

CAZ signed LNG pier & terminal construction contract worth Bt401m, lifts backlog above Bt2b, target to win at least 60% of current bidding 5 projects worth Bt3b by end of year.

DELTA upbeats 2H earnings from well diversify product portfolio, sees healthy demand for data center hardware, IOT products 5G adoptions, tailwind from EV charger & power supply, eyes 5-105 revenue growth target.

FNS expects to report big-jump 3Q from STGT IPO underwrite fees, Tabloid.
ITD wins 18.7km Rama3-Dao Kanong-West outer ring tollway projects total 3 contracts worth Bt7b, will bid for electronic toll collection (ETC) system Bt877.4m in July.

PSH sees 2M presales in townhouse >Bt1.73b, exceeding Bt1.5b target, plans 3 new projects in 2H20 worth Bt3.7b.

Comment: See above

PTT to sell CD total Bt15b interest within 2.25%-2.85% range, proceeds will be used to refinance and fund new investment, subscription from July 20 till July 23.

Comment: A firm like PTT can comfortably take advantage of this and command a lower interest rate versus other players (i.e. property cos) 

PTTGC acquires 41.5% in PP compound producer, Dynachisso Thai, from Taiwan partner, Dynachem Group, to expand HVA products portfolio to serve auto, electronic and electrical business.

SPCG to up investment in Japan solar farm by 65MW, boosting overall to 500MW by end of year, sets Bt10b capex for new business, emphasizing on innovations.

TNR opens online shelf on & to expand condom sales abroad, seeks partners to distribute products in EU & Asia.

Comment: This is mainly for the Playboy product which they acquired some 2 years ago.

TRUE to sell CD total Bt24b interest within 3-4.4% range, subscription period from tomorrow July 9 till July 14.

Comment: Who’s buying this $hit?

Debt management corporates are expecting to benefit from good bargain NPA at 5-10% below market price, positive BAM, JMT, CHAYO, Tabloid.

  1. Well, on the positive side, TRUE is not officially bankrupt. On The Street, HERTZ are flogging new stock and they are gone, kaput, deceased, room temperature. PC Penney and Chesapeake are also now “distressed debt” which will soon be raised by Lazarus.

    This is always an interesting market phase. It has to be true…because it has to be true. FOMO is a very human response. Warren Buffett is now a loser. There are no bargains, Buffett only buys bargains. Shiller now looks vaguely scared. On the bright side, Mo El-Erian thinks the recent lows will not be violated–probably/maybe.

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