BAM branches out from NPA auction to direct sales to capture real demand for assets, sees banks stretched term loans & restructuring debtors near terms, may add more assets in 4Q.

BWG sold PP 319m shares at Bt0.51 apiece to 5 private investors, will not get subscription right of subsidiary IPO of ETC.

Reminder: BWG: to post XB sign for subscription right of waste power subsidiary IPO, Earth Tech Environment, (ETC) at 40:1 from total 600m shares on Friday (July 10), KTB sec is lead U/W.

Comment: It’s up some 50% in the past month, this EARTHTEC IPO has been on the cards since the beginning of the year. And the PP has been in place for a few years. We wonder who these players are as one if the son of NEX’s CEO, another is former broker found guilty of insider trading on 2 occasions

State Railway to sell TOR for South Orange line MRT from Friday (Jul 10), CK’s expecting to win from expertise on underground projects and continuation of south purple line extension.

Comment: Or an expertise in bribing the right people.

ESSO reaffirms 2Q turnaround from absence of stock loss, recovery gasoline sales volume as demand accelerates since May, wider GRM from lower feedstock costs, maintain 40 stations opening target this year after opened 16 branches YTD, target 654 stations by end of year.

HMPRO sets >Bt100m sales target from Homepro Fair Chiangmai July 3-12

Comment: It’s all about margin’s for HMPRO

KTC may see Bt1b drop in profit this year, from BOT’s interest rate measures.

Comment: What a news headline.

PTG upbeats 2H earnings from recovery gasoline sales volume on surge in travelling demand, strong onshore logistic operations, higher marketing margins, expand loyalty program PT Max card to boost SSSG.

Comment: Volume growth is a question mark, decent margins are to be expected.

SAT sees 3Q turnaround from recovery auto parts order following supply disruption from C19 in 2Q, tailwind from newly estimate JV smart factory and warehouse automation business with Shenyang Siason Robot & Automation.

SCI firms on Bt1.5b full year revenue target driven by Bt1.2b backlog to realize, expects to get more telco tower and power transmission towers total Bt500m before end of year.

TACC expects meaningful turnaround 2H from positive SSSG drinks sales at All Café via 7-11 outlets, larger supply sales to Tesco Lotus, Black Canyon,

TFG sees better than expected poultry export sales volume to China, sees recovery demand from Europe posted lockdown, expects to get additional frozen foods order to Europe in 4Q.

Comment: This is after China banned chicken from another country. Hence why domestic chicken prices in Thailand have increased.

TMB may report >Bt4b profit in 2Q, +107%, after merging with TBANK, and will pay FY20 dividend, Tabloid.

WHA anticipates 2H turnaround from recovery utility sales as factories gradually return to operation, increases logistics activities at warehouse, in talk to lease out 40k sq.m, expects to wrap up before end of 3Q.

  1. Hi Pon, the rumour about TMB Q2 20202 profits would normally generate some positive market reaction in the SP. Any reason to think otherwise, other than who knows what the market thinks 😉

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