AEONTS’s 1Q23np (end of May) at Bt1.11b, -3% yoy, il/w Bt1.03b consensus.

BIZ in talk partner to invest in hospital business, aims to diversify earnings from med supplies, cancer radiosurgery system, disinfection & unmanned delivery robot business.

CPALL signed Lisa Blackpink as brand ambassador, citing The Standard Wealth.

Comment: I suppose this is positive?

DTAC’s subsidiary, DTAC Trinet (DTN), to sell CD offering 3.01%-4.46% p.a., from July 11-14.

JMART: 5.088m new shares from exercised warrant (JMART-W4) 1:1.13019 @ Bt 13.27232/share tradable tomorrow (Jul 7).

Comment: This name has been pummeled in the past 2 weeks, every broker has been saying sell purely due to its outperformance versus peers

KBANK: Amundi, JPM & Schroder are among bidders for asset management unit (KASSET).

Comment: Not sure why KBANK would want to sell a cash cow.

ORI reported Bt17.772b residential sales 1H22, account for 51% of Bt34.8b full year target, maintaining 20 2H launch plan total Bt26.5b, target all time high sales >Bt35b by end of year.

SCB may pay extra dividend in 3Q on Bt61b gain from transformation to SCB-X, Tabloid.

Comment: They have to do something to boost their flagging share price, bitkub acquisition has gone dead quiet.

TU submitted filing to sell PET food subsidiary IPO, I-Tail (ITC), up to 660m shares account for 22% of paid-up, appointed FNS to be FA.

Comment: Small overall impact, though part of me thinks that the PET food company should be far more valuable than TU.

WICE anticipates improved freight forwarding traffic from 4 outlets in China if U.S. decided to remove tariffs on Chinese consumer goods.

Comment: It’ll be great for Asia

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